New UPDATE coming soon!

Hey Warriors,

In order to improve the server and have a stable gameplay without bugs, thanks to the reports we have had every day, we have prepared an incredible update. Here is the list of fixes and improvements on Fast and Hard Servers:

  •  Fixed Items drop in both Normal and Boss.
  •  Fixed the drop of Jewels (we reduced drop: Chaos, Bless, Soul, Creations, Life, etc.)
  •  It has corrected the Zen drop both individually and in Party
  •  New spots have been added in different worlds!
  •  Dynamic experience in Party. The more you have in a party, the more experience you get.
  •  New Rewards in Daily Events!
  •  Blood Castle 1 - 2 -3 (30-50 Ruuds)
  •  Blood Castle 4 -5 -6 (50-150 Ruuds)
  •  Blood Castle 7 (150 - 500 Ruuds)

Date of Update: 09/08/2017

And to close this news, this weekend do not miss the opening of Hard Server! (09/08/2017).

Best Regards,
EnergyMU Team.

Posted08 / 09 / 2017ByAdministrador

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